Sullivan Business Psychologists
I didn’t think psychologists knew about business!

Well, all of our consultant psychologists had ‘real jobs’ once! That’s why we realise the need to take the time to fully understand your business and organisation, the challenges, the people issues, the market opportunities as well as the broader cultural, market and business factors that are influencing your world.

All of that is helpful in determining the kind of individual who will best deliver. From a recruitment perspective, the assessment process itself demonstrates a company’s professional intent through the care they take in selecting, developing and retaining people.

Individual assessments typically address such areas as:

  • Selection & Job matching
  • Promotion & Potential
  • Career planning
  • Under-performance
  • Managerial relationships
  • Identifying development needs
  • Benchmarking & Talent Audit

We will also help you define a set of competencies and characteristics for a particular role – or utilise those already available – and provide a comprehensive written report. We see it as important in our reports for us to ‘get off the fence’ – no “if’s and may be’s” – and provide an objective, unbiased viewpoint that says what we think and aids you in your decision making.

The assessment itself typically takes a full day, where the individual talks around a whole range of issues. It is designed to understand the individual’s skills, drivers, motivations, confidences/self-doubts, attitudes, styles and approaches. Where appropriate, we incorporate into the day scenarios such as role-plays and presentations. It is fair to say that people often learn a lot about themselves simply by going through the process of the assessment day.

We place great emphasis on providing a full and in-depth feedback to the individual. By helping them to increase their self-understanding, we enable them to be more proactive in developing themselves for current and future job demands. It also helps them recognise the kind of support which they need from their boss and from the business.

The relationship between an individual and their boss is key to success. We therefore also encourage a joint discussion of the assessment results to enable them to flex their styles to each other, and more clearly understand how they can work effectively together.

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