Sullivan Business Psychologists
“I would say we’ve managed the talent out of people, rather than managed our talent”

The business leader quoted above was questioning how a business of their size was losing his star performers, not to mention key customers, to smaller competitors. After a long period of sustained growth in an expanding market, the environment had suddenly become much tougher and having talented people was business critical.

In surveys, CEO’s typically place the issues of: leadership, succession, and talent identification and development, amongst the top of their concerns.

Talent Management is about taking a proactive, planned and integrated approach to ensuring that you have the people with the capability to deliver your current and future business aims.

The Key Success Factors of Talent Management processes are: alignment to strategic goals and senior level active participation. Those two have to be there for Talent Management interventions to have any real impact.

Thereafter the key principle is integration of each of the processes. Talent Management encompasses a whole range of factors including:

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