Sullivan Business Psychologists
“I’ve got a few customers who are just like that!”

Whether for recruitment, promotion, or development we aim to make our programmes as realistic and relevant to the context as possible. Often we design scenarios which are all interlinked and based on a fictitious company, yet incorporate the same challenges that the delegates face on a daily basis e.g

  • Driving sales whilst maintaining costs
  • Making the transition to a new role
  • Integrating a business
  • Leading rather than managing
  • Managing a team of high achievers
  • Building customer loyalty

We work very flexibly to incorporate your competencies and, where necessary, training assessor/facilitators within your business. On other occasions, we simply pair up with one of your business leaders to work as a team. We find this is a great way of gaining their buy-in to the process, and they typically also learn a great deal. We also bring in, when appropriate, professionally trained business focused actors.

We don’t have a “standard” approach. Sometimes delegates will write their own, as well as contribute to others’ development plans. Other applications require an assessment team and the ‘wash up’, with the output of a written report. On some development centres we include ‘taster’ sessions, on such topics as influencing, leadership, managing change, thinking strategically etc.

Whatever the project, we never forget that the people who are going to act on the learning and drive through the implied changes in the ways of doing things, are the delegates themselves. Hence the ‘Centre’ has sufficient time and opportunities to consider what was learned in depth… and how best to apply it.

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